Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Sea Monster

Playing hooky today, I made this up.

So I wanted to draw a fight between a sea monster and a old timey scuba diver. Originally I had it sketched out where they were face to face with the monster having bulging eyes and a huge mouth like the sarlac pit. Then I remembered a Howard Pyle painting "The Fishing of Thor and Hymir" where you get only a hint of this thing that they have caught (seen here) and decided to have my own monster hidden except showing the teeth, eyes, and tentacles. Or if you prefer there are two monsters. Dun dun duuuuun!

Anyways back to work!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Future Proof Issue 3 Cover

Speaking of Future Proof #3, check out the front and back covers!

Future Proof Issue 3 preview pages

Brian Phillipson (the author for issue #3) put this pic up on twitter, so I thought I would shoe it off here...

As always more to come!

Two Redheads and a Dead Blonde: First Five Pages

Working out the last of the edits right now, this book will be out soon.

So for now, here are the first few pages!

I Play The Bad Guy

I Play The Bad Guy written by Andy Arnott and illustrated by me, will be a six part mini series coming soon from Bliss on Tap!

The cover here was drawn by our friend Ken Bonin (colored by me)!

I Play the Bad Guy” follows a team of retired ex-military superheroes and pits them against a younger team of non-powered soldiers sent to contain them. The morality of granting the older heroes powers during Cold War experiments by the U.S. Government is explored throughout the course of the series as they try to prevent the next generation of powered soldiers from being created.

Here is a preview, more to come!

Wishtoyo Warriors Covers part one and two

So we are splitting Wishtoyo Warriors into two books because of it's mighty mighty size! Here are the covers (coming soon)...

Future Proof Issue 2

Issue #2 of Future Proof written by Alex Murillo! Here's a few preview pages...

Coming soon!