Saturday, June 14, 2014


Written by Samuel Read, letters by Tyler James & edited by Steve Forbes, and Art by me!

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Hey, it's me!

Hey it's me at Hartford Comic Con!

Surfin' Dead Con Q&A

Also at Hartford Comic Con, I was asked by Surfin' Dead from the blog Juano's Addiction about my Con experiences, best/worst/weirdest, here's my answer...

Surfin' Dead: What's your best/worst/weirdest Con story to date?

Alex: I’ve had a lot of good times at cons to really nail down one. Meeting people, seeing friends, traveling, but one of my favorite things is to meet people face to face for the first time who I have been working with through emails.

The worst, well... hmmm... I’m not sure if I have a worst story yet, there’s been a bunch of things that people would do to get on my nerves but nothing too terrible and nothing too interesting.

But weirdest, well that’s another story! One time I was drawing sketches for people in books we were selling of your basic characters - Spider-Man, Batman, etc. - and this one guy asked me to draw a self portrait in his book. And as I was drawing myself, he started to criticize the drawing telling me that my eyebrows were thicker, or that my nose was bigger and so on. Another time I was at a show with, at the time my girlfriend now my wife, and a guy came up and asked us to sign pictures of ourselves that he found somewhere on the internet. The last one I’ll mention is a guy I met on a Free Comic Book Day and I asked if he would like to see a book I was selling, and he began to yell at me that God is dead and that his no good ex-wife did not understand that and that’s why they are separated, then stormed off swearing. But anyways it’s all a part of the fun.
True story. Check out everybody's answer here!

Strange Kids Club

From Hartford Comic Con I (amongst a bunch of other artists) was asked by the Strange Kids Club blog what's the strangest thing I've done as a kid. Here is our answers...

ans my own personal answer...

Strangest thing as a kid huh, well…
…right now the only story I can think of (I guarantee that I’ll think of a bunch of stories later tonight) is that one time, my mother asked me to keep an eye on our dog Bubba, so I sat down in front of him and just watched him for a couple of hours.

plus PICS!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Hartford Comic Con!

Hartford Comic Con is this weekend May 31st and June 1st at the XL Center, 1 Civic Center Plaza, Hartford, Connecticut! Swing by if your in the area and say hi to me and Ashley!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Sea Monster

Playing hooky today, I made this up.

So I wanted to draw a fight between a sea monster and a old timey scuba diver. Originally I had it sketched out where they were face to face with the monster having bulging eyes and a huge mouth like the sarlac pit. Then I remembered a Howard Pyle painting "The Fishing of Thor and Hymir" where you get only a hint of this thing that they have caught (seen here) and decided to have my own monster hidden except showing the teeth, eyes, and tentacles. Or if you prefer there are two monsters. Dun dun duuuuun!

Anyways back to work!

Sunday, March 30, 2014