Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I'll be at Comically Speaking tomorw

I'll be up at Comically Speaking for the reboot of the DC universe selling some books and drawing some pictures for the fine people of Reading MA. So if you're in the area come on by between 9-3 and I'll be in there somewhere.

I should also mention the Batman should be there as well.

For the record I bet you this whole starting everything over from #1 will last until next summer at the latest, from then on it will be just side stories like "shadow of the bat" is to "Detective Comics" is to "Batman."

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Tell Tale Cat for Sale!

The Tell Cat, written and illustrated by yours truly is out and about for sale! The story is a parody of The Black Cat and The Tell Tale Heart, with a little Masque of the Red Death to even things out. It follows Officers Lansdowne and Harrington, two cops having to deal with the characters of Poe's stories.

It is now available as a digital release here...

Red Stylo Media Store

Drive Thru Comics (this one has a preview)


Also the digital release includes special features from me including the story behind the story, alternate covers, and original sketches.

You can order the actual physical copy here


p.s. To one guy out there feel free to continue to call it Edgar Allen Poe-lice

Baltimore Comic Con

So this weekend Red Stylo Media sent myself Mark Mullaney (he illustrated and wrote The System of Dr. Canne and Professor Bull and illustrated the story Zombie Cruise) and Kyle Richey (he wrote the story The After Party) down to the Baltimore Comic-Con to promote the Poe Twisted Anthology and our own work as well.

There's Mark Mullaney and myself at the table, the photo was taken by Kyle Richey. Thanks to everybody who stopped by, and especially to those who bought an issue of Tell Tale Cat, Eldorado, and my quickie comic Quarters (more on this comic later).



Monday, August 15, 2011

Eldorado for Sale!

Eldorado! Written by Sherezada Windham-Kent (who also directed the film "Everything I Needed to Know About Zombies I Learned from the Movies" 2009.) and illustrated by yours truly is for sale for digital download featuring special features from myself and the author including introductions, original sketches, alternate covers, etc! Here is a quick run down on what the comic is all about...

The sun sets on a 300-year quest for fabled glory and gold in ELDORADO, a zombie Western by Sherezada Windham-Kent and with art by Alex Cormack. Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s poem of the same name.

yep, a zombie western, two great tastes that taste great together! so you can pick up Eldorado here...

the Red Stylo Media Store

Drive-Thru Comics
(this one has previews of the first few pages)

and soon also to be released on Graphic.ly and iVerse.

or if you want to wait and see it in paperback along with the rest of the Poe Twisted stories you can pre-order here! (middle circle is a clip from Eldorado by the way!)

so in the great words of Jay Sherman,

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Absolution Cover Design

This here is the cover design I made up for the story Absolution which is featured in The Poe Twisted Anthology. The story was written by Jason Ciaramella (a 2011 Eisner Award nominee for his story The Cape) and illustrated by Enrique 'Zeke' Savory, Jr. I did the coloring and the cover design seen here (to see the color work pick up a copy later this month.)


Friday, August 5, 2011

Hellbound 2 featuring Dolly (I drew it!)

Recently (while creating Tell-Tale Cat and illustrating Eldorado) I Illustrated Lindsay Moore's story "Dolly" for the upcoming release "Hellbound: the Boston Comics Horror Anthology."

The book is the second Hellbound, it originated from the Boston Comic Roundtable (their website) which is a group of local Boston comic artists (writers and illustrators) that get together every week. I met Lindsay there where she was looking for someone to illustrate her story for Hellbound, so I volunteered. The book itself should be coming out Halloween!

More info to come.

the Hellbound website


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Oh my God I'm on the cover of Spiderman!

Some people strive to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated, Rolling Stone, Wheaties, etc. But that's kids stuff. Try getting on the cover of the Amazing Spiderman. Bam! I knew I would make it some day.

So to celebrate issue 666, Marvel put out all these variant covers for different comic shops as you can see here

So for this my buddy Larry at Larry's Comics up in Lowell (scroll down to older posts for more details) He put out an email telling people to come up to be in a big group picture. So on the far left is yours truly, along with my brother Adam and my nephews Will (in the Hulk shirt) and Chad (in the black Spiderman shirt). The background was created by my friend Stephen Pennimpede (editor/production on the Boston ComiCon sleeper hit Fish Stick Guy) and Larry is in the white shirt up front.

Next cover appearance, the re-issue of the white album.