Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

This has been a hell of a year! Comics, shows, I even got myself engaged! Or was that last year...

Anyways Happy New Year Everyone!


Monday, December 10, 2012

The Hamelin Murders!

Officers Lansdowne and Harringon and their cat Gunpowder are back in the Hamelin Murders!

Featured in the Anthology Shakespeare Shaken from Red Stylo Media, The Hamelin Murders is the sequel to The Tell Tale Cat from The Poe Twisted Anthology. Here is a look at the first few pages...

...and that's enough spoilers for now! The only thing else I will tell you is that you shouldn't take advice from a cat and that murders are on the horizon!

The Hamelin Murders is based off of Shakespeare's Hamelet and Macbeth, the same way that The Tell Tale Cat is based off Edgar Allen Poe's The Black Cat and The Tell Tale Heart. For fans of TTC there will be some in-jokes and refrences in Hamelin, but you won't need them to enjoy the story.

So pick up The Hamelin Murders here, it's less then a bottle of water and impresses more people!

The Red Stylo Media Store

Drive Thru Comics

or if you'd like you can pick up the entire Shakespeare Shaken Anthology!

Featuring friends of mine and coloring by me on the story Surviving Shakespeare written by Jeremy Whitley and Andrew Jerz pencils by Gabriel Dunston. 

The Red Stylo Media Store Shakespeare Shaken 


"How many should I buy?"