Monday, January 10, 2011

Pin Up Art by Me in the Next Skull Kickers!

Pin up art work by me will be in the next Skull Kickers (#5) comic coming out later this month! They were taking submissions through Larry's Comics (where South Pole is on sale $5.00) for pin up art so I put together some work for them and, well that's it!

Skull Kickers is a Image Comics comic written by Jim Zubkavich and drawn by Edwin Huang. I met them both when they came up signing autographs and such at Larry's (pic by my brother Adam, the one who told me about all of this in the first place), they were good guys and I highly recommend there comic, especially #5.


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  1. You are so modest. Your art blew the doors off the shop. I showed some people who had submitted work before you got there and their jaws dropped. You were the most unpopular artist in the building before you even arrived! Jealous bastards! Way to go buddy! - Adam