Monday, March 14, 2011

The Further Adventures of the Cat From Outer Space!

So I'm currently in the middle of two projects that I'm not really allowed to talk about publicly. So to keep up appearances, here is a page to the comic, The Further Adventures of the Cat from Outer Space!

This started up with me wanting to draw some aliens, and after reading my new zombie books that Ashley got me for Valentines day I've been in the mood for some gore. Once I finished the first panel I was trying to figure out what could come to fight these jerks and I was trying to figure out some kind of cute critter to go juxtapose the blood and guts. With this I remembered the Disney movie "The Cat from Outer Space."

I had never heard of this movie until Ashley had it on one day. So I figured this was, and will continue to be, what this cat does in outer space when he isn't visiting earth and getting into wacky misadventures, just flying around space kicking ass and taking names! And a special point for anyone who knows this movie, you'll notice that the space station is named after General Stilton (thanks imdb).

There was going to be some more to the story along with some color but I really aught to focus on those other two projects, not to mention that this is a Disney character and this blog is about as much as I can do with it (knowing them I could still get sued somehow). But I will show you what I have colored so far...


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  1. Nothing says I love you like the gift of a spatula, but zombie books come in a close second.