Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Oh my God I'm on the cover of Spiderman!

Some people strive to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated, Rolling Stone, Wheaties, etc. But that's kids stuff. Try getting on the cover of the Amazing Spiderman. Bam! I knew I would make it some day.

So to celebrate issue 666, Marvel put out all these variant covers for different comic shops as you can see here

So for this my buddy Larry at Larry's Comics up in Lowell (scroll down to older posts for more details) He put out an email telling people to come up to be in a big group picture. So on the far left is yours truly, along with my brother Adam and my nephews Will (in the Hulk shirt) and Chad (in the black Spiderman shirt). The background was created by my friend Stephen Pennimpede (editor/production on the Boston ComiCon sleeper hit Fish Stick Guy) and Larry is in the white shirt up front.

Next cover appearance, the re-issue of the white album.


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