Thursday, December 15, 2011

30 Character Challenge the last crusade!

So this wrapped up a few weeks ago, but that won't stop me from showing them off here!

#17 Boris Rohr

The most dangerous man in the Czech Republic, his only fear was his own reflection every morning after a shower.

# 18 Howlin’ Pete Kessler

Howlin’ Pete Kessler is a werewolf meaning he is incredible at basketball, and has been a coordinator with the Harlem Globe Trotters since 1985. Basketball may pay the bills, but being a nudist is his life. In 1983 Howlin’ Pete Kessler famously said “Fuck it! No pants!” Inspiration to all nude ghouls all over the world!

#19 PINBALL LIZARD! (this is my favorite of them all)

It’s a Pinball Lizard, He likes to eat flies, the Pinball Lizard he likes to eat them on bread thats ryyyyyye!

# 20 Hans the Hammer

A hit man for the mob, in 1997 he would announce that it is “hammer time” before killing someone. No one ever told him the MC Hammer reference and his bosses all thought it was hilarious.

# 21 Thomas the Tight Rope Walker

When Thomas started he found it difficult to make money in the business. Until he started making bets. Here we can see him hamming it up for the crowd, walking over a volcano in Hawaii.

# 22 Rick Hero

He sniffs out trouble.

# 23 Monsour Creapotoski

Monsour Creapotoski is a vampire in Southern France. He hates it that in zombie movies no one ever calls zombies zombies, but in vampire and werewolf movies they will always say vampires and werewolf. Oh and he is the one who assassinated Arch Duke Ferdinand.

# 24 Ms. Mabe

Martha is a math teacher from New Brunswick. Every child who gets below a 70, she will torture and murder and will feed the remains to her cats.

# 25 Mombo-rombo-squishhead

He may look cute…

#26 Solar Sal The Last Man on Mars

They left him.

# 27 Vallery Smith

Just got into 80s rock and has since alienated all her friends. She is currently a hooker who shoots heroin into her toes.

# 28 Dr. Deborah Schwanson

While trying to discover a cure to athletes foot, the worst has happened to Deborah Schwanson.

# 29 Eggbert

Eggbert traveled to Hollywood to be a famous cartoon duck, but after every studio in town said that cartoon ducks have been done to death, he decided to get a job at a local office and writes scripts on the weekends.

# 30 30 Years

Raymond Bourque cannot be killed but he will die at 30. So, what to do till then?

So that's it until next year.

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