Thursday, August 23, 2012

Comic RPG Episode 1


Comic RPG – Episode 1 is the latest Windows Phone game in the works from Rehlander Technologies. Follow our hero through a journey of good vs. evil. Stop the Evil Tyrant Mostron from eradicating all of the people of the planet Mousington-5. Mostron plans to use a genetically altered strain of catnip to destroy the primary food source of the Mousingtonians. Fight along side of your sharp shooting friend Notch to destroy Mostron and save the world.

A while back I worked with Scott Rehlander, CEO of Rehlander technologies, on a cell phone game called Shake the Apple Tree seen here...

After Apple Tree, we began discussion on a game where the player would go through a comic book and would have to fight the villains throughout the story. The above above video is basically the beginning of this project! Below are the comic pages seen in the game...

So look out for our game coming soon, AND PICK UP "SHAKE THE APPLE TREE" AVAILABLE HERE! ALSO IT'S FOR FREE!


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