Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Indiana Jones and the King of Skull Island poster at MICE this weekend!

So a lot of things have been going on since the last post, but let's start with the new poster I made up,

King Kong vs. Indiana Jones or... Indiana Jones and the King of Skull Island! This came about a while ago when I was trying to think of a new mash up poster using Indiana Jones. I thought of a few ideas for a poster but it never really got further then that, until the other day I was in traffic and the above image popped in my head. So when I got home I drew it up and now here it is!

Along with all that I'll be at MICE (Massachusetts Independent Comic Expo) this weekend! The show is being held at 1815 Mass Ave Cambridge, MA Sept 28-29. More info can be found here!

The poster was made by Bob Flynn

So come on by this weekend!

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