Tuesday, September 21, 2010

the sophmore post

I've started this illustration as a break from my new "Gertrude Galapagos" illustration (you'll see it eventually). I'm not finished yet but here is a teaser for you.

Its going to be about the first time my nephew met my cats Danger and Destruction and chased them around. A while ago I decided I needed more family friendly illustrations so this is one of them.

Along with that, here is an extreme rough draft of a scene from my new animation which as of now is called the "adventure cartoon." Hopefully it will be finished for the next Cormack Cook Colossal Cinema Collection which will be at the end of January. More on that later, but for now check it out and enjoy the music i bummed off the "Night of the Living Dead" soundtrack to make it more enjoyable

Oh man whats gonna happen next?


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