Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fish Stick Guy and it's Awesome Cover!

My buddy Steve Grzesik created the comic Fish Stick Guy, which I did the cover for (and some pinup art inside) and he will be selling the fabulous issue #1 at Boston Comic Con this weekend (April 30th and May 1st, if your reading this in the future sorry you missed the show but I hope things are working out well with the hover boards and jet packs). You can also pick up a copy up at Larry's Wonderful World of Comics (see past blogs about his shop) Larry's I should mention, put the whole project together along with buddies from their weekly drink and draw.

The cover itself is a parody of the famous Iron Man cover "Demon in a Bottle!"

This issue is instead titled "Demon in a Frialator!"

I will be at Boston Comic Con helping to promote the comic and I hope to see you there, unless your in the future and if so can I borrow your hover board this weekend?

Here are the pin ups...

Fish Stick Guy as a Zombie

Fish Stick Guy knocking out the Gorton's Fisherman (this one was originally a parody of the cover of Captain America #1 where he is knocking out Hitler).


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