Saturday, April 23, 2011

Some Drawings from Larry's Drink and Draw

Larry's Wonderful World of Comics up in Lowell (the same guys who hooked me up with Skull Kickers, and the same place where you can buy a copy of South Pole, here is their website ) has a Drink and Draw every Wednesday. Each night they will have a theme that is connected to a comic coming out that week or to go along with a comic that they are promoting (more on this later).

So that being said here are some sketches that I have done up...

Here is Super Dinosaur (the new comic by Robert Kirkman)

The Mighty Thor

The Thing

Dr. Doom using Mr. Fantastic as a trampoline

Godzilla meets Johnny Rocket (this one was in competition with another shop, I guess one of the guys at that other shop was the creator of Johnny Rocket, so we had Godzilla attacking his guy)

and a sketch of Venom

More to come


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