Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Garden State Comic Con & NYC Comic Con: The After Math

So in the past couple of weeks I was at the Garden State Comic Con and the NYC Comic con which were both good times.

At the Garden State Con, I met up with my buddy Kyle Richey (the writer for The After Party in the Poe Twisted Anthology). He was the one who set up this whole shindig, I was just along for the ride. So we hung out, sold some books and had a good time. Later on in the show Ashley Cook and I left to get some lunch, on the way out we had to stop by the Batmobile! Thats right!

On the Bat-Phone!

Some days you just can't get rid of a bomb.

The second day I had to make sure to get an autograph from Davey Jones for Dolly writer Lindsay Moore who is a big Monkeys fan. Now the day before at the con I bought a Slaughtered Lamb t shirt. For those who don't know, the Slaughtered Lamb is from the movie An American Werewolf in London. The Slaughtered Lamb is the name of the pub the main characters go to in the begining of the film where they are greeted by some grumpy Brits with great jokes who also are keeping the secret of the local Werewolf epidemic under raps (watch the movie, it's a good one, and it features Frank Oz!) So I was wearing this shirt when I met Davey Jones.

As I walked up he just stared at my shirt kind of like this...

"What the hell is that? is that a heavy metal band or something?"

"Oh no" I said "It's from the movie an American Werewolf in London, it's kind of a joke."

"Oh yeah, I've heard of that. My neighbor wrote the song."

"You mean the Waren Zevon song? Oh cool!"

"Yeah yeah. He's dead."

"... um yeah. Could I have an autograph for my friend?"

So anyways he was a nice guy.

Later on in the show Ashley Cook and I were returning from lunch and stopped at the restroom before heading back to the table. I was waiting for her outside and heard her coming out. So as a joke, I puffed up my chest and made muscles with my arms (she would think it was funny, probably) the only problem is that Ashley wasn't the one coming out of the restroom at that time. It was Barbara Eden from I Dream of Jeanie.

So that was kind of embarrassing. In the end though it was a good show!

The next week at NYC Comic Con it was a great time, got to hang out with my buddy Jordan and his buddy Donovan along with Enrica Jang, my editor at Red Stylo Media. There was a bunch of crazy stuff going on but oddly enough the only picture I took all weekend was this pic of Donovan...

Looking sharp!

So anyways a good time. Now enough of this, I gotta get back to work.



This has nothing to do with either comic cons but I figured I would add it anyway. This past Tuesday My brother and I met Dan Aykroyd in Attleborough MA where he was promoting his vodka. As I went up to take a picture with him I shook his hand and looked up to smile but my brother was still working with the camera on his phone. So I looked at Dan Aykroyd and said, "well I guess we'll just stand here and hold hands for a while." He just gave me a funny look and my brother took the picture. I found out later he was faking it so I would have a minute to say hello. Oh well.

There's my brother Adam with Dan Aykroyd. Don't you like how it says friends above them.

The Blues-mobile, they didn't allow me to sit in this one though.

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  1. Hey, Alex, nice post! That Bluesmobile at the bottom is mine, don't recall seeing you there so it was probably while I was either inside or around the corner where my other car was. Great picture though! - Bismo