Monday, November 7, 2011

30 Character Challenge!

For the month of November I am partaking in the 30 character challenge brought to you by my buddy Tyler James and Comix Tribe.

The plan is to create a new character everyday and have 30 by the end of the month. You can miss a couple of days which is why I currently only have 5 and today is the... 7th? Anyways, as long you have 30 by the end of the month it's all gravy.

So that being said, I figured I would post my guys on my own blog as well as the 30 Characters Challenge website, which can be seen here

So Starting from the current character moving down, here is

#5 Timothy Andrew Herbert Attorney at Law:

Mr. Herbert was born in 1957 in northern Montana. His parents Marsha and Daniel Herbert were both teachers at the Jerz High School and pushed young Timothy in his education. He graduated in 1975 3rd in his class and went on to Boston University to study law. He joined the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity and was president in 1978. He stayed at BU through Law school and has lived in Boston since. Timothy married Kiera Knightley (no relation to the actress) in early 1991 and they currently have three children. He is the president of his own Law firm in Brighton Massachusetts and you can catch his commercials during the day on channel 5. He gives regularly to the

Next up is #4 The Great Regurgitator!

Yes dear reader, beware The Great Regurgitator!
Since 1996, Barbara Hendrix was just your average bulimic, until one day, out of revenge she ate her boyfriend after he stepped on her toe when she was wearing sandals! That night going through the motions of having the perfect body/bad breath and screwed up teeth, her boyfriend came out whole and is now her zombie slave! So watch your back dear reader because The Great Regurgitator may be right behind and she is most likely hungry! BWAHAHAHAHAHA! (Thunderclap)

Here is #3 Chip Sudofthqui

He has no story.

Moving on, this guy I drew up at Larry's Comic's Drink and Draw (hence the shirt). A lot of the guys from there have illustrations up to, links to come...

#2 Comic Fan

And here is the first character I made up for this...

#1 Mo Larome

If my mother or sister ask, that is ketchup. If anyone else asks, its catsup.


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