Sunday, November 20, 2011

30 Character Challenge part 2

So here are some more from the 30 character challenge...

Audrey the Water Breathing Shark Taming Cat from Milwaukee!

Training sharks like a motherf***er since 1997.

After a commenter asked for more info about why a cat from Milwaukee would training sharks, I added more of a back story...

It’s a good point but old Audrey there is only from Milwaukee. She discovered her talent after a field trip to Discovery World at Pier Wisconsin. As it turns out she can train all sharks except whale sharks, but it’s nothing personal, they just do their own thing you know? Anyways she currently lives in Miami FL during the winter and Chatham MA in the summer (which is why there is always a great white siting every summer).

Boris McDermont the Samantha Murderer

In 1990 Boris bought his first Walkman. He would listen to all his favorite grunge bands on the contraption wherever he went. Then in 1994 after listening to Pearl Jam’s “Hey Foxymophandlemama, that’s me” it occurred to Boris that he must murder someone named Samantha Arlington. Now in 2011 he has never found the one Samantha Arlington, but has decided to play it safe and murder any Samantha or Sam or any name that begins with S that happens to come across his path. So if that be your name dear reader, beware any man listening to a Walkman, he is most likely after you!

Little Head

Little Head has always hated sci-fi fantasy revenge stories. Then he became one, and has never looked back.

Jennifer Stewert

Jennifer Stewert sold her soul.

Biff “The Skull” Kingsly

Local Champion Surfer Biff Kingsly may have had acid dumped on his head by the local crime boss Ted Grammar, but he still know how to party!

The Bottomless Pit

Amy Bourque has a hole in her stomach that she can pull anything she imagines out of it. It all started in 1998 for really no reason. The hole just started growing out of her belly button and stopped widening a week after it began. No real reason or explanation was ever concluded. She currently lives in Hawaii and gives money to the Jimmy Fund and the MSPCA.

The Matrade that just can’t handle the Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Going in he believed it was a true story. He was fine until the scene where the hippie opens up the freezer and the girl is in there, still alive. It just really got to him, that this really happened and all, that he jumps at every other thing.

Mr. Nerd

On a personal note, Mr. Nerd is the first character I ever made up back in grade school. He was a mix of Jon Arbuckle and every Far Side character ever. He is still on the move and always on the look out for Mrs. Nerd.

Randy Ratowski

As a hit-man, Randy had a hard time murdering those who his bosses told him to take out. He would always want to give them a second chance and forgive them. This obviously made Randy run into problems, and was told to either get rid of his conscious or he would be fired. So he went out and got himself a ridiculous hair cut and since then whenever anyone gives him a funny look, the urge to kill comes naturally. Randy has always been good about thinking outside the box.

Ms. Roberta Telunga

There was a reason for murder, she thinks?


Brett had a lot of prospects to be the next nick-toon. He already looked like a mix of Heffer and Mr. Big Head from Rocko’s Modern Life. But when he was caught with Transexual hooker who used to be a nun, things went down hill from there. He is currently a alcoholic living in Baltimore working on a come back.

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  1. Hahaha! Oh man these are so great! Awesome work Alex!!