Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Chikara Web Comic: The Secret Origin of Frightmare

Also known as "Mommy, where do Frightmares come from?" Written by Joey Esposito and art by me! Here is the complete web comic!

Here is the link to the Chikara's webcomic site.

So I was brought into this project by the good people at 215 Ink after I met them at NYC Comic Con. I was told that they were looking for artists for this project with Chikara Wrestling. So I thought I would be drawing Ultimate Warrior and Macho Man Randy Savage type characters running around in the ring. This especially got my brother excited who has always been a big wrestling fan (before I got the script he was showing me a bunch of wrestling moves on youtube). Once I got the script however I realized that it had nothing to do with wrestling and that it was more of a superhero monster horror story! I soon figured out that in Chikara, all the wrestlers have crazy back stories like this. I was also told that they have slow motion matches and the crowd will play along, cheering in slow motion. That has nothing to do with the comic but I think it's cool.

So that's the story and I hope the real Frightmare, Hallowicked, Delirious, and Ultramantis Black dig this!


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