Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Wishtoyo Warriors

So awhile back I got an email from William Marquis (the writer of I. Den of Thieves) asking if I could do some character designs for his new script Wishtoyo Warriors. I read the script and thought it was a lot of fun, and made up these designs...

I sent them out and then was asked to illustrate the first few pages, which then turned into illustrating the whole book!

As of right now the book is still in production and should be out this fall. In the meantime here are some illustrations that William showed off at this years Inktip pitch fest.

To start off, here are a few more character designs (guess which one is the villain)...

And here are a few key scenes throughout the story...

Helek is introduced hunting a boar and while doing so...

Helek discovers a mysterious rainbow.

The mysterious rainbow arrives at present day.

The Chumash Ceremony and the initiation of the Wishtoyo Warriors!

Welcome to the Garbage World.

The Pumpkin storm.

The Great Eagle escapes!

Our heroes being chased by the giant mole!

They discover the Great Snake asleep.

Tazi must choose the true Great Frog.

Tazi and Overlord Cough Cough face off!

More to come of the Wishtoyo Warriors as it goes along, but real quick before this blog comes to a close, a funny story that I always like to tell people about this project. This all began soon after the Bruins won the Stanley Cup, and just in case you forgot they beat Vancouver who after losing, burnt down their city. So we had been working together for a little while, communicating through emails, and I wrote to him saying, "have a happy fourth of July weekend!"

He then wrote back "Wait, where are you from?"

"I'm from Boston."

"Oh, I'm from Vancouver."

So at that point I thought that was it for the job, but luckily for me William is a Maple Leaf's fan and dodged a bullet there.


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