Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Cape Pin Up

The hardcover collection of IDW's The Cape just came out with my pin up in the back!
So a while back, Jason Ciaramella (the writer of The Cape, the story is based off a Joe Hill's short story) came up to a Drink and Draw at Larry's Comics in Lowell (for an extra plug for Larry, he's been a guest on 107.3 WAAF morning show on Mondays lately) and gave us a one page script where the main character Eric spray paints "Eric was here" on the Bunker Hill Monument. I drew this up for him and inked it in the ol computer and now it's in the back of the hardcover trade back! So go pick it up, it's a great story and the art by Zach Howard is wicked good! Also it takes place in my own back yard so if you're from MASS you'll like it even more.
Thanks to my buddies Jason Ciaramella, Stephen Pennimpede, and Larry.

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