Saturday, May 5, 2012

My Name is Jonah and Free Comic Book Day.

So today is Free Comic Book Day and I'll be up at Double Midnight Comics up in Manchester New Hampshire, so come on up and get some sketches and see me! Also out today is volume 2 of My Name is Jonah: Jonah Lives Again! featuring my 2 page spread seen below! Here is a link to check out the entire comic.
My Name is Jonah is a documentary about Jonah who is a "real life warrior, adventurer, and musician..." That being said I figured I would have him knocking out some of the toughest bad guys I could think of (from left to right, Venom, Micheal Myers, Khan, Voldemort, Juggernaut, Predator, Freddy Kruger, Bane, Terminator, Alien, Joker, Bizarro Superman, Shredder, Jason, Hulk, Skeletor, and Darth Vader). Here is the trailer for the movie! So that's it for now, see you up in NH! Alex

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