Thursday, September 22, 2011

Horror-View's review of Poe Twisted

Horror View has recently reviewed the Poe Twisted anthology and here is what they had to say about yours truly...

Poe’s “Eldorado” is celebrated next by Windham-Kent & Cormack. The gritty story follows the tortured protagonist and his horse, as he seeks the titular place where he will finally find peace. Instead, there’s a who lot of violence, brought to un-life by Cormack’s fantastic art and Windham-Kent’s well-paced storytelling.

“The Tell Tale Cat” by Cormack follows two investigating officers as they check in on frumpy old Vincent Allen. Mrs. Allen disappeared days earlier, and there aren’t any suspects other than Allen himself. The sloppy drunk (drawn with the perfect amount of embellishment by Cormack) welcomes the officers into his home, only to be betrayed by the titular house pet. The Cat then proceeds to lead the officers through a series of tongue-in-cheek instances of other Poe stories.

To read the whole article you can check it out here!

Also come by Harvard bookstore tonight (anytime after 7) to pick up Minimum Paige which features two of my comics (Quarters and the Essex County Literary Wax Museum & Menagerie!) I guess they are going to have Jam comics and a raffle with all proceeds donated to a local comics charity, some prizes include a signed Terry Moore Sketchbook, Will Eisner Book, and Women of the DCU (not sure if a book or literally the women) and more!


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